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We ask questions that will advance our basic understanding of ecological principles while also providing insight into real world issues. The Mathis Lab uses an integrated approach by combining observational studies, manipulative field experiments, chemical ecology techniques, and lab experiments to examine the dynamics of complex species interactions and how they impact managed systems.



Complex Species Interactions

Chemical Ecology

Social Insects



09/01: Congrats to Dale Stevens on his new postdoc at the Kellogg Biological Station under Dr. Alisha Shah!

07/22: Congrats to Amelia Curry for completing her Master's thesis on the effect of urban land use change on ant communities in New England

1/21: Congrats Olivia Anastasio for publishing her first paper!

1/21: Welcome new PhD student Joe Nelsen to the Mathis Lab!

11/20: Bailey Ross' Research is Highlighted in ClarkNow

05/20: Congrats to Olivia Anastasio for completing her Master's Thesis on Ant-Psyllid interactions in California Citrus Groves.

03/20: Congrats to Bailey Ross and Emily Maynard for being awarded summer LEEP Fellowships.

11/19: Dr. Mathis presents on The Role of Ant Seed Dispersers & Predators in Woody Plant Encroachment in Arid Grasslands at the Entomological Society of America Conference.

8/21: Welcome new PhD student Daley O'Keefe to the Mathis Lab!

5/21: Congrats to Amelia Curry and Brooke Harris for being awarded the Lyerla and Hastings Fellowships!

5/21: Congrats to Josh Canning for being awarded a summer SURF Fellowship

3/22: Congrats to Dale Stevens for defending his Dissertation on phenotypic plasticity of stickleback populations in the presence of invasive predators.

4/22: Congrats to Christina Martin for being awarded the Hastings Fellowship and Anna Le for being awarded the LEEP Fellowship!

07/22: Congrats to Brooke Harris for completing her Master's thesis on the effect of urbanization on thermal tolerance, foraging performance and competition in acorn nesting ants!

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