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I am currently accepting 5th year Masters students.  If interested, please send me an email at KMathis 'at' with your CV and research interests.

Want to Join the Lab?

Information for Undergraduate Students

My lab has ample opportunities for learning about insect ecology and taxonomy, field ecology, agroecosystems, and chemical ecology. I am looking for students to do lab work during the school year and offer research opportunities in both the field and lab during the summer.  Please send an email to KMathis ‘at’ if interested.

Information for Graduate Students

Current Lab Members

Kate Mathis, Professor. I am an ecologist studying complex species interactions, particularly those involving social insects in agroecosystems.


Joe Nelsen, PhD Student. 

Interests: Agroecosystems, species interactions, insect ecology

Daley O'Keefe, PhD Student. 

Interests: Invasive species, ant-microbe interactions, biological control.

Anna Lee, MS Student. 

Interests: Ant-Microbial Ecology​.

Lab Alumni

Josh Canning, MS Student. 

Interests: Behavior, aggression, diet, and cognition.

Christina Martin, MS Student

Interests: Apiculture, mycology

Dale Stevens, PhD Candidate. 

Interests: Plasticity, evolution, behavior  and morphology.

Brooke Harris, MS Student. 

Interests: Ecology, behavior, thermotolerance, climate change.

Amelia Curry, MS Student. 

Interests: plant-insect interactions, agroecology, climate change, tropical ecology.

Emily Maynard, Honor's Student

Project: The Impact of Herbicide Mesquite Management on Ant and Arthropod Community Richness and Composition

Katerina Pela, Undergraduate. 

Project:  Acorn nesting ant gut microbiomes.

Bailey Ross, Undergraduate. Steinbrecker Fellow

Project: Seed preferences of native seed predators in Southwestern Arizona

Olivia Anastasio, MS Student. 

Project: Impacts of Invasive Ant-Hemipteran Interactions, Edge Effects

and Habitat Complexities on the Spatial Distribution of Ants.

Christina Kopacz, MS Student. 

Project: Ant and rodent seed preference in the Arizona Grasslands

Hannah Cooper, Undergraduate. 

Project: Seed dispersal patterns of desert ants.

Kelsey Perry, Undergraduate. 

Project:  Freight Farm nutrient uptake.

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